• ATS2825蓝牙音箱方案公司_炬力蓝牙方案_ats2825
  • ATS2825蓝牙音箱方案公司_炬力蓝牙方案_ats2825
  • ATS2825蓝牙音箱方案公司_炬力蓝牙方案_ats2825
  • ATS2825蓝牙音箱方案公司_炬力蓝牙方案_ats2825

• ATS2825是一颗高集成度的蓝牙音频解决方案Soc,是专为便携式和无线蓝牙音频所设计的产品,满足市场需求的高性能,低成本和低功耗等特点。大容量内置RAM能够满足不同蓝牙应用方案的需求,支持后台蓝牙,在播放外置SD卡或U盘中高品质音乐的同时可以保持蓝牙连接状态。内置DSP支持多种音效处理,支持蓝牙免提通话时双麦克风回波消除和降噪。该芯片集成了完全符合蓝牙规范的蓝牙V2.1/V3.0/V4.0/V4.1/V4.2控制器,并支持双模(BR/EDR + AMP + Low Energy Controllers)。它可以与以前的版本兼容,包括V2.1+ EDR和V3.0 + HS。嵌入式电源管理模块支持功耗优化并提供更长的电池使用寿命。在保证高品质音乐播放和通话效果的同时仍保持低功耗和低成本是其竞争优势,为我们定位中高端市场奠定了基础。该芯片提供了一个真正的完整解决方案,是高集成度和可扩展的蓝牙音频产品的理想选择。

System     • 104MHz MIPS32 M4K processor Core
    • 180MHz Gogir DSP core
    • Built-in 279.5K RAM for data and program storage
    • Support SD/MMC/eMMC card interface and SPI NorFlash interface
    • Support 26MHz OSC with on-chip PLL
    • Energy saving with dynamic power management, supporting Li-on only
    • USB 2.0 device and host controllers with HOST support
    • A variety of serial controllers supporting I2S, SPDIF TX, SPI, UART, PCM
    • Support Remote Control with the internal IRC for decoding
    • Support 4COM/5COM/6COM Segment LCD, 7pin LED
    • 4 LED drivers with PWM flasher independent of MCU
Audio     • Build in stereo 24bit input sigma-delta DAC, SNR>95dB, SNR (A-WEIGHTING)>98dB,THD<-85dB
    • DAC supports sample rate 8k/12k/11.025k/16k/22.05k/24k/32k/44.1/48kHz
    • Build in stereo 20mW PA (Power Amplifier) for headphone. PA output supports traditional mode and direct drive mode(for earphone)
    • Support differential audio output for speaker PA
    • Build in stereo 24bit input sigma-delta ADC, SNR>90dB, SNR(A-WEIGHTING)>93dB,THD<-82dB. With multi-bit quantization option,SNR>93dB,SNR(A-WEIGHTING)>96dB
    • ADC supports sample rate 8k/12k/11.025k/16k/22.05k/24k/32k/44.1/48kHz
    • Supports stereo single-ended input analog microphones or mono full difference input microphone
    • Supports Digital microphones and Analog microphones
Bluetooth Controller     • Support Bluetooth V4.2
    • Compatible with Bluetooth V2.1 and V3.0 systems
    • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy(BLE)
    • Supports all packet types in basic rate and enhanced data rate
    • Supports SCO/Esco link
    • Supports 4 piconets in a scatternet
    • Supports Secure Simple Pairing
    • Supports Low Power Mode (Sniff/Sniff Sub-rating/Hold/Park)
    • Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Mode support: Simultaneous LE and BR/EDR
    • Supports multiple Low Energy states
    • Fast AGC contrl to improve receiving dynamic range
    • Supports AFH to dynamically detect channel quality to improve transmission quality
    • Integrated internal Class1, Class2, and Class 3 PA
    • Bluetooth 3.0 + HS compliant
    • Supports Power Control/Enhanced Power Control
    • Integrated 32K oscillator for power managementC
    • Operating voltage: I/O 3.1V, Core 1.2V
Power     • Supports Li-Ion battery and 5V power supply
    • Integrate Linear battery charger
    • Integrated DC-DC buck converters, which can be switch to LDO mode
    • Linear regulators output VCC, BTVCC, SVCC, RTCVDD from DC5V
    • Linear regulators outputs AVCC from VCC, and VDD from VD15
    • Capacitor-less LDO: UVDD,EFUSE25, AVDD, OSCVDD and BTVDD
    • Internal bandgap generates VREF form SVCC
    • Operating voltage: I/O 3.1V, Core 1.2V
Package     • QFN-68 (8x8mm2)
Application     • Stereo headsets and headphones
    • Portable stereo speakers and speakerphones
    • Bluetooth car audio unit
    • Bluetooth smart LED
    • Soundbar
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